Kinetique – High Security with a Human Face

  • 2012 British Council for Offices competition for office for Manchester refurbishment of a 1960’s tower and warehouse
  • Special mention in final judging
  • 3 billion sq ft hours of opportunity dispensed on a SpaceTime basis

The design proposal behind the 2012 BCO competition “The Cotton Quarter, Reinventing Industrial Icons” was to regenerate and reinvent the fictional “Cotton Quarter” site in Manchester’s historic industrial district. The client’s aspiration was for a creative masterplan which would be innovative and facilitate new ways of working. Chadwick’s solution that came up as Highly Commended by Property Weekfocussed on the re-invigoration of the whole area. By wrapping a “thinking sleeve” around the existing 1960s building, the idea was to modulate the work environment for comfort and sustainability. By adding a “Spacetime Prism” of flexible space available to the public as an adjunct to the headquarters we invited the world into a high security business – precisely by demonstrating through sensor technology how such a contradiction can be managed. Creating a link between the energy retentive existing structures and their modern add-ons was achieved with a dramatic multi-storey bridge and sustainability was taken to a new level with a passive ventilation system, a sealed high performance façade and a photovoltaic system.