The Salvation Army, London

  • Corenet “Partner of the Year” award 2005
  • BIFM “New Build Best Practice” award 2005
  • CGA “Best Building in City” award 2006

We moved The Salvation Army into their new Headquarters in Queen Victoria Street, London taking them out of their cellular closed environment and bringing them into a transparent people facing installation that realised the ambitions of General John Gowans to open The Army up to its public.  The style of the workplace strategy has become the bellwether for The Army worldwide.

We acted as the Army’s “strategic design managers” for the five years that it took to decide and implement strategy. Our first task was to right-size the project using our Organisational Space Modelling® technique which revealed that the Army only needed 35,000 square feet rather than the 50,000 they had anticipated. This meant that they could sell a long lease on the balance of their traditional site which gave them a “free” building, a most important message for a charity.

We briefed the architect developer competition, worked with the chosen team on the design of the building from inside out and developed the interiors with the Army hierarchy. We briefed and helped choose the graphic designers who turned the building into a “sign” and the caterers who transformed their restaurant into a public facility that the Army used as an expression of their interest and involvement with the world at large.