Who We Are

Chadwick is an international architect / design practice based in London. Our work focuses on quality with economy in a wide range of building types including commercial, residential, leisure and charities. Early adoption of technology in the form of the first generation of CAD means we understand its nature. We are also keenly aware of the importance of sustainability in all aspects of design including operating systems, the use of recycled and recyclable materials and biophilic design.

Chadwick is led by its London office but our people have worked on projects across the globe. Our core architectural / design team have a long history of working in close concert, albeit being geographically spread.

Andrew Chadwick


Andrew is a chartered architect trained at Cambridge under Sir Leslie Martin. He is a highly charismatic leader with wide experience of quality and environmental management. He has an impressive record of problem solving, devising and recommending bold solutions. His skill lies in seeing through the obvious to the creative solution lying behind it.

Ingrid Stevenson

Head of Design

Heading up the design team Ingrid has a wealth of experience in client liaison, sharing ideas in the creation of the concept design and subsequent planning applications and orchestration of the development of the full design for construction. Ingrid is also responsible for practice management and the maintenance of our ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditations.

Rossella Panetta

Project Architect / Designer

Rossella is an Italian and British qualified architect who has a strong talent in interior design with a flair for the production of lifelike graphic illustrations of design proposals enabling clients to visualise the end product.

Arnold Bernhardt

Project Architect

Arnold is a German and British qualified architect with a skillset that includes concept design and implementation. His attention to architectural detailing is one of his major strengths coupled with an ability to draw out the most constructive approach to any “tricky” issues uncovered during the construction process which are of great benefit to the team.

Chadwick International

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