Innovation has always been one of the characteristics of the Chadwick Practice from the earliest days. The now famous Office of the Briefcase 1982 predicted the office world as we see it today and beyond. Its concept came from the early adoption of CAD and the realisation that technology was going to release real estate from its location driven shackles.

Practically, this led to arguably the first demonstration of the non-territorial office for Andersen Consulting in London in 1991 and for Accenture in Paris in 1996.

Latterly, competition recognition for the Elastic Environment in 2011 and Kinetique in 2012 reinforced the Chadwick innovation credentials. The airconless office in Shimoga is both innovative and sustainable.

We ourselves have fulfilled the prophesy and moved our office into a multiplicity of places including our works, our homes and our combination space in Alfred Place.