DWP Bank, Germany

The merger of DWP and TXB banks created the opportunity to review both organisations in order to rationalise a cost effective and efficient environment of the combined bank.

We showed how the current estate of 53,604 sq m could be reduced to 29,082 sq m for the staff of 2,422 people at an occupancy ratio of 12.41 sq m per person which compared favourably to international banking ratios.  This demonstrated how to reduce from six locations across Germany into three with the concomitant savings involved.

We interviewed the Board, the Executive, the line managers and staff to construct a model of spatial demand which could be overlaid on the existing estate.

The model components are shown as coloured blocks on the stacking diagram below. The white space is the amount that is not needed. The second diagram shows how re-configuring the business into two locations instead of six can literally halve the amount of space engaged.

DWP as is, six sites.



DWP Three site solution, dispose of three.



DWP Two site solution, dispose of four.