Lambay Island

Lambay Island has been owned by the Baring family since 1904 when Cecil Baring, 3rd Baron Revelstoke, purchased it because of his interest in flora and fauna.  The iconic Lutyens building he commissioned was occupied by himself and his wife, Maude and subsequently by his son, Rupert Baring.

James Baring, 6th Baron Revelstoke was seeking to establish Lambay as a test location for the evaluation of wind, wave, tidal and forms of renewable energy systems.  It is envisaged that manufacturers of renewable technology will pay the Trust for the right to install small-scale test systems in a realistic working environment.

The report considered additional sources of income that would be compatible with the renewable technology testing facility and which could be established on the island with the minimum of impact on the island’s ecology.  It was intended to provide James Baring with the information needed to market the island to potential users of the renewable technology testing facility and other compatible uses including education and hospitality.