Tokio Marine

Tokio Marine Global needed to establish a completely separate identity to its parent, the massive Tokio Marine, to support a new line of  insurance business conducted.

From an environmental perspective this was achieved by moving into half a floor in Minster Court designed to provide a warm, contemporary workplace with a low key Japanese influence to attract both European and Japanese staff alike.

The physical individuality of TMG was underscored by the creation of their own identity reflected in the following elements:

  • A distinctive and impressive space with rich cherry wood veneers and lacquered store walls
  • A design theme which echoes the Japanese tatami style in the glazing manifestation, carpets and artwork
  • Japanese gardens on both the large and small terraces introducing environmentally friendly, green oases into the exterior of this city space
  • A discreet open plan environment with  transparent, glazed, closed offices and meeting rooms
  • A popular breakout space adjoining the pantry used by all as a lunch venue