Xchanging Chicago – O’Hare Plaza

Xchanging doubled in size by the acquisition of Cambridge Global Solutions which was sealed in February 2009.  This involved extending the global reach of the company from mainly Europe and one unit in Gurgaon, Delhi to encompass many units in the United States, several locations in India as well as Singapore, KL and Melbourne and Sydney and create a truly global estate. The brief from the CEO, David Andrews, was to rationalise the Cambridge Solutions estate and bring the organisation into the Xchanging monolithic brand over a phased timescale.

The initial emphasis on O’Hare Plaza was to identify itself as the main sales and processing centre of the US, to concentrate on spreading the sales endeavour to expand their existing markets and to create the processing environment which encouraged communication and team working throughout the current American operation.  This involved creating the bench-style open plan environment familiar to the European offices coupled with generous training and public space for the sales endeavour. The key results included:

  • Good quality fit-out eradicating cellular offices and “cube” workstations
  • Created a combination office comprising both processing, sales management and training functions for the US operation
  • Very large reception and flexible meeting space at either end of the lift lobbies
  • Large and generous meeting rooms for both private and public meetings
  • Communications hub providing broadcast quality video conferencing between five of the main Xchanging sites reducing the time and expense of senior executive travel